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Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red

London, 25.04.21

With Ben Sims

‘Run it Red’ sees bona fide techno legend Ben Sims showcases 2 hrs of the finest new house and techno he can lay his hands on.


  • Conforce
    Kawai. Delsin
  • S-File
    Part Of Me. GND
  • Lauren Flax
    Endless Summer (Posthuman Remix). Balkan Vinyl
  • Veztax
    Humanoid (DJ Ogi Remix). Vezotonik
  • Zachary Lubin 
  • Arkan
    Skalter. SK Eleven
  • Xander
    Mallorca. Inmotion
  • Emmanuel
    Era. ARTS
  • Planetary Assault Systems
    Shine. Token
  • Temudo
    Torres Vedras 8am. Soma
  • A Sagittariun 
    The Inner Frontier
  • Mynoda
    L.D.M.A. Opilec Music
  • Anika Kunst 
  • Jordan Fields
    Adjusted. Opilec Music
  • Dejan Milicevic
    Vezotonik 3. Vezotonik
  • Rene Wise 
    Swamp Dancer
  • Aiken
    Stolen Hope. Key +
  • Marcal
    Matsu. Rekids
  • A Thousand Details 
  • Alarico
    Thoughts Of A Doomed Civilization. Diffuse Reality
  • Truncate & Ruskin
    Sketch 1. Blueprint
  • Temudo
    Calmakira. Soma
  • Kaiser 
    26 Hours, 26 Minutes
  • Arkan
    Shifting. SK Eleven
  • Ritzi Lee
    Back Up. Mord
    Give U My Body. Paling LTD
    Hoom. I Love Acid
  • Martin, Deason 
    Version A
  • Planetary Assault Systems
    Say It Loud. Token
  • James Ruskin
    There Was A Time. EPM
  • Ritzi Lee
    Mainframe. Mord
  • Alexander Kowalski 
    Voiceless Part 2
  • Thanos Hana
    Black As Tar. Tar Hallow
  • Sebastian Kramer 
    Love (Reverse)
  • Pfirter
    Iron. Paralelo
  • Michel Lauriola
    Point Of Disorder. Children Of Tomorrow
  • Linear System 
    Extensive Research
  • Makuto
    Pulsació 101 (Truncate Remix). Arketip
  • Joton Ft Flug
    Hikikomori. Newrhythmic
  • Zadig
    Silent Warrior (Adriana Lopez Remix). KR3
  • Temudo
    Deserves It. Soma
  • Force Reaction 
    Definition 4
  • Troy 
    Anor Londo
  • Zachary Lubin 
  • Linear System
    Random Voltage . GND
  • Albert Chiovenda
    Escalator Realignment. Evod
  • JLTZ (Nørbak mix) 
    TFAM 01 (Nørbak Remix)
  • Bebhionn
    Convergencia. Subsist
  • Decoder
    Impatient Figure. Antiterra
  • Ritzi Lee
    Social Interference. Mord
  • Doug Cooney
    Divergence. GND
  • Troy
    Yōkai. Key Vinyl
  • Flaws 
    Subconcious Pattern
  • Wrong Assessment 
  • Albert Salvatierra
    Strength. Newrhythmic
  • Gaetano Parisio
    Logica C1 (Eets Everything 2021 Reebeef). Conform
  • Function
    Misinterpetations Of Reality Function. Tresor
  • Gotshell
    Crujido (Mark Broom Remix). Sleaze
  • Subradeon 
    The Last Trumpet
  • The Black Man's Music Collation For Justice 
    Break Free (Wake the Zombies - Version 5)
  • Function
    An Optical Illusion Of Consciousness. Tresor
  • Paradox 
  • Maelstrom
    Squawk. Cultivated Electronics LTD
  • Maelstrom
    Fixed Based Operator. Cultivated Electronics LTD
    All D Time On Mi Mind. I Love Acid
  • Lazarus
    Trappist 1. Shaw Cuts
  • Paradox 
  • Anthony Rother
    Psi Robotics. Mechatronica
  • The Exaltics Feat. Paris The Black Fu
    Thre Atmul Tiplier. Clone West Coast Series
  • Gesloten Cirkel
    Prison Riot. Bad Manners
  • Artefakt
    Terraforming. Delsin