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Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red

London, 26.05.19

With Ben Sims

‘Run it Red’ sees bona fide techno legend Ben Sims showcases 2 hrs of the finest new house and techno he can lay his hands on.


  • John Swing 
    Get It
  • Mr G & Duncan Forbes
    D & G Throwdown. Phoenix G
  • Marina Trench 
  • Purveyors Of Fine
    Ux2. Vessel
  • Ruffin
    Full Measure. Deep Trax
  • Naked Eye People 
    Balsa Wood Blues
  • Tom Ellis
    FM Joy. UntilMyHeartStops
  • Sims, Truncate 
    Untitled 8
  • Jaxx
    Ride On. Unknown
  • Lydia Eisenblätter 
  • Floorpan
    I Feel Him Moving. M Plant
  • Indigo Æra 
  • Cari Lekebusch, Orion 
    WOW Signal
  • James Ruskin 
    Unknown Destination
  • Escapist
    Beyond Perception. Figure
  • Charles Green 
    Rave No Name
  • Lathe 
  • Setaoc Mass
    Psychofiller. SK Eleven
  • Lightman 
    Mitsubishi Track
  • Sims & Broom
    Late Night Caller (Broom 2019 Edit). Unreleased
  • Insolate 
    Warehouse Jam
  • Mike Storm
    Nuclear Reaction. Invite’s Choice
  • LPZ
    Invierno. Metro Xpress
  • Private Press 
    After Request
  • Zenker Brothers 
    Sample Predator
  • VIL
    Swing My Ass. Unreleased
  • Landlord, Dex Danclair 
    I Like It (Blow Out Dub)
  • Tinfoil (Stranger mix) 
    Both Roads To Triogue
  • Photonz
    Overzen. Paradiso
  • Purveyors Of Fine
    Ux2 (Barrow Boy Remix). Vessel
  • The Exaltics 
    Another World Underneath
  • Milos
    Untitled. Unknown
  • Clouds 
    Sharp Like A Razor