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Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red

London, 16.08.20

With Ben Sims

‘Run it Red’ sees bona fide techno legend Ben Sims showcases 2 hrs of the finest new house and techno he can lay his hands on.


  • Keita Sano
    Break Beat. Hihatt
  • Mike Dunn
    Work. Classic
  • Reform Rebel
    East Town West Town Youth. UKR
  • Black Girl, White Girl
    Jelly Brain. Aerobik
  • Cinthie 
  • H2H (Chez Damier And Ben Vedren)
    Berlin Nights In Paris (Taho Remix). Balance
  • Cool Tiger
    I Feel You. Junction
  • Fast Eddie
    Never Let Go. Aou
  • Campbell Pirret
    992 Piano Jam. Lobster Theramin
  • Moon Boots Feat. Kaleena Zanders
    Juanita (Mark Broom Remix). Anjunadeep
  • Floorplan
    Save The Children (Detroit Mix). M-Plant
  • Ralph Session, DJ Romain 
    Dance Dance
  • Avision
    Flyin’. Avision
  • ARTF
    Step By Step (Dub Version). Opilec
  • Sven Von Thülen
    First Time (Instrumental). Dred
  • Nikk
    Sluricane. UTTU
  • Girls Of The Internet
    Humble (Mark Broom Mix 2). Drab Queen
  • Fast Eddie & Orlando Voorn
    Pound Da Bass (Beat Drop Mix). Aou
  • Sergie Rezza
    Monté (Carl Craig Edit). Planet E
  • Ackermann
    Stabilität. Uncage
  • Truncate
    LAX V2. DTW
  • Ben Sims
    Break It Down. Break The Silence
  • Ben Sims
    Carnival (Shlomi Aber's Remix). Conform
  • S-File
    Things Have Changed (Mark Broom Remix). GND
  • Harry Romero
    Control (Josh Wink Interpretation). Bombassa
  • Sterac 
  • Josh Reeves
  • Romain Richard
    Dangerous Mind
  • We Call It Voight-Kampff
    Life Cycle
  • Planetary Assault Systems 
  • Eric Fetcher
    Emphasis. Collapse
  • Truncate
    LA V1. DTW
  • Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell
    Vilseledd. N&N
  • Robert Hood
    The Struggle. M-Plant
  • Function
    Misinterpetations Of Reality. Unknown
  • DJ 3000
    Don't Stop. Motech
  • Exos (DJ Rush mix) 
    Do Not Sleep (DJ Rush Remix)
  • Elisa Bee 
  • Trackmaster Dre
    4th. Odd Even
  • The Frequentis The Rebound
  • Svreca (Sigha mix) 
    FRUE (Sigha Remix)
  • Maral Salmassi
    177X. Konsequent
  • Arnaud Le Texier
    Mystery . Soma
  • Function
    Compulsive Thinking, Repetive And Pointless. Unknown
  • A Thousand Details
    Arfendal. Unknown
  • A Thousand Details
    Scapula Pain. ATD
  • Brad Goddard
    Big Arm. Unreleased
  • Translate
    Arcnex. Float
  • Translate
    Surface Radar. Unknown
  • Linear Search
    Paralysis. Symboilsm
  • Vulkanski
    Conflict Of Interest. Diffuse Reality
  • Wrong Assessment And Ruhig
    Kavòd . Anititerra
  • Pulso
    Pliegues. Subsist
  • Dorhg
    Melting (Kalter Ende Remix). Atroc
  • Fergus Sweetland 
    Change Mode
  • Function
    An Optical Illusion Of Consciousness. Unknown
  • Anthony Rother
    Stellarator. Cultivated Electronics
  • Alexander Kowalski 
    Crystal Pattern 1
  • Templefeld By Kirk Degiorgio
    Day Of Reckoning. Midnight Shift
  • Ryan James Ford
    While You Were Sleeping. Savy
  • Nathan Kofi
    Reyoh. De Litching
  • Bufiman 
    Blow Your Head
  • Sync 24
    Hyperway. Cultivated Electronics
  • TV.OUT 
  • Empire State