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Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red

London, 21.06.20

With Ben Sims

‘Run it Red’ sees bona fide techno legend Ben Sims showcases 2 hrs of the finest new house and techno he can lay his hands on.


  • Vinalog 
  • Skee Mask 
    Type Beat 3
  • Black Girl / White Girl
    Unfading. Ei8ht
  • The Imbeciles 
    One Hand Tommy
  • DJ Bruce Lee
  • Wyndell Long
    ChiTown Blues. UKR
  • Ray Kajioka
    Ten Ten. Parabel
  • Flug & Sebastian Lopez
    The Piano. Uncage
  • Alexandre Gomez
    Who Talk About. BEK
  • Erik Pijl And Stephanie Noordermeer
    Routine. IOVEM
  • Space (GR)
    Lost. Primitive State
  • Ray Kajioka
    SEM Jam. Parabel
  • Truncate (Kai Van Dongen mix) 
    Missing (Kai Van Dongen Remix)
  • Ø [Phase] & Rødhåd
  • Anders (BR)
    Calculated Gears. Primitive State
  • Clotur
    Illustratio Clotur. Blocaus Series
  • NDR
    Rootes. Children Of Tomorrow
  • Fran Hartnett
    2000 Machines. Aurora
  • Korben Nice
    Radiant. Dynamic Reflection
  • Tim Xavier
    Wild Planet. LTD 4000
  • Re:Axis
    Collective Shift. Planet Rhythm
  • We Call It Voight-Kampff
    Cultivate. 999
  • Ben Sims
    Last Call. Lehmann
  • Stephanie Noordermeer
    Deeper . Momb
  • Arnaud Le Texier
    Neurotica. Materia
  • Antony Doria 
  • Dimi Angélis 
    Analogue Surfer
  • Arthur Robert 
  • Romain Richard
    Social Circus (VIL Remix). N&N
  • Peter Van Hoesen
    Birds On The Head Of A Saint. Blocaus Series
  • Kike Pravda
    E Mission. Newrhythmic
  • Ø [Phase] & Rødhåd
  • Antonio De Angelis
    Frange 4. Children Of Tomorrow
  • Robert Armani & Dolby D
    Orchestryy (Ritzi Lee Remix). Dolma
  • Dimi Angélis 
    Eastern Phantasy
  • Dorhg
    Invading Neighbors (Pushmann Remix). Unreleaseed
  • Arthur Robert 
  • Anders (BR)
    Pedras. Primitive State
  • Müzmin
    Tenkit (Benales Remix). Diffuse Reality
  • Kessell
    Codebreaker. Granulart
  • Hector Oaks 
    As We Were Saying
  • Dotdat 
  • Szmer
    November. Out Of Place
  • Alexander Kowalski
    Imperfect Sphere. Mindcut Music
  • The Extraverse (Marco Bruno mix) 
    Process 1 (Marco Bruno Version)
  • Albert Chiovenda & Stanislav Tolkachev
    Uncooperative Cog. Granulart
  • Eduardo De La Calle & Dj Surgeles
    Track 2.001. Arido
  • Biemsix 
    The Payback
  • Anechoic
    Fermi Paradox. Subsist
  • Korben Nice
    Orchestra. Dynamic Reflection
  • W/CYA (Temudo mix) 
    Abstruse Two (Temudo Remix)
  • Translate
    Infinite Regress. Methodical
  • Arthur Robert 
  • Sleeparchive 
  • Dimi Angélis 
    Monkey On Juice
  • Szmer
    PG9. Out Of Place
  • Eric Fetcher
    The Return Of The Archons. Granulart
  • Antonio De Angelis
    Forte 2 . Children Of Tomorrow
  • Exos 
    Quod Arcanum Leticia
  • 543ff
    Easy. Cultivate Electronics
  • TV Out
    B3. Bank
  • The Exaltics, Heinrich Mueller feat. Paris The Black Fu 
    Dimensional Shift (feat. Paris The Black Fu)
  • Skee Mask 
    IT Danza
  • The Exaltics, Heinrich Mueller 
    Hologram Universe
  • Cosmox
    Electrostress. Cultivate Electronics
  • Sibling, Drhamer
    Dislodge. Newrhythmic
  • John Beltran 
    Lustrous Orb