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Harpocrates Seated on a Lotus with Lawrence Kumpf

New York, 02.09.23

Harpocrates Seated On a Lotus refers to the subtitle of Walter Marchetti’s 1974 LP La Caccia [hunting in English] a composition consisting entirely of Marchetti sounding bird-calls used for the titular sport. Our copy of La Caccia comes from the collection of Graham Lambkin, another artist featured on this mix (under his own name and as part of the Shadow Ring), and is a record that we play before and after concerts in our space in Brooklyn.

The mix starts in upstate New York with an excerpt from Lambkin’s Softly, Softly, Copy, Copy featuring the violinist Samara Lubelski and ends in New York City with a rarely heard poem from violinist Billy Bang backed by his Survival Ensemble.


  • 0:00:20
    Graham Lambkin
    Softly Softly Copy Copy (Excerpt)
  • 0:04:30
    Michael White 
    Unlocking The Twelfth House
  • --:--
    Perry Robinson, Nana Vasconcelos, Badal Roy 
    Shenandoah (How I Long To Look Into Your Third I)
  • Pink Floyd 
    Fingal Cave Take One
  • Walter Marchetti 
    La Caccia
  • Rosalía 
    De Plata
  • Maria Rita 
    Cântico Brasileiro No.3 (Kamaiurá)
  • Shadow Ring
    Lindus Slideshow
  • Maki Asakawa
    Tonight Is Over
  • Yoshio Hayakawa
    Useless Nosuke
  • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble
    Impressions (Excerpt)
  • Moodymann 
    Hold It Down
  • Billy Bang's Survival Ensemble