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Blue Screen w/ Amar & Clayton - Noam Chomsky Reads The New York Times

London, 13.12.23

Listen to media critic Noam Chomsky deconstruct several articles in The New York Times to examine the foreign policy of the United States in the context of Israel and Palestine. Audio from this Paper Tiger TV classic is mixed with songs by and in solidarity with the people of Palestine. Chomsky states that no one is ever against peace; everyone wants peace. “The question is: What peace?”

This episode was created in collaboration with Noindex, a research project and soon to be streaming platform by Amar Ediriwira and Clayton Vomero.


  • MIA
    Free Palestine
  • Fairouz
    Sanarjou Yawman
  • Muslimgauze 
    Hamas Cinema Gaza Strip
  • R3D
    Ramadan (Prod. Al Nather)
  • Sheikh Imam
    Ya Falasteeniyah
  • Marcel Khalife 
    جواز سفر Passport
  • Jacob Kirkegaard
  • Fayrouz
    Eela Mata Ya Rabbou
  • Tareq Abboushi
    While We Wait
  • Shabjdeed, al Nather 
    نكد چلچ (Nkd Glg)
  • Shabjdeed & Al Nather