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Blue Screen w/ Amar - Blue by Derek Jarman

London, 17.01.23

In today’s digital world, blue is a colour that represents absence: chroma key, a blank desktop, the blue screen of death. Since video is absent from radio, Blue Screen is a show exploring the concept of ‘audio screenings’, presenting extracts of films and visual artefacts along with commentary or within mixtapes. Hosted by Amar Ediriwira.

This episode focuses on Derek Jarman’s final and most daring cinematic statement "Blue". Released in 1993, the film feature a single static shot of the colour blue (International Klein Blue to be specific), that is the backdrop for a voiceover that documents Jarman’s AIDs-related illness and impending death at a time when he had become partially blind, his vision often interrupted by blue light. The film was completed only a few months before he died.


  • Simon Fisher Turner Ft Miranda Sex Garden
    Blue Music
  • Extract: Face To Face
    Derek Jarman
  • Extract: Tilda Swinton
    Posthumous Address To Derek Jarman
  • Brian Eno 
  • Derek Jarman
    Blue Part 1
  • Derek Jarman
    Blue Part 2
  • Derek Jarman
    Blue Part 5
  • Simon Fisher Turner Ft Momus
    Blue Music
  • Derek Jarman
    Blue Part 7