Eclectic Orbit w/ Seth Troxler

London, 12.11.19

With Seth Troxler

Seth Troxler presents a show of oddities, rarities, gospel, ambience and everything in-between. Open your third eye, and enter the Eclectic Orbit.


  • Lost Souls Of Saturn
  • Jeff Bridges
    Temescal Canyon
  • Pink Floyd
    Cirrus Minor
  • The KLF
    3AM Somewhere Out Of Beaumont
  • Jeff Bridges
    Feeling Good
  • Rare Silk
  • The Art Ensemble Of Chicago
    We Are On The Edge
  • Coil
    Exploding Frogs
  • Julee Cruise
    Twin Peaks Theme (Instrumental)
  • Pink Industry
    Is This The End
  • Unknown Artist
    Soundscape FX 2
  • Occult Orientated Crime
    Norwegian Raven
  • The KLF
    Madrugada Eterna (Wolf In The Jungle)
  • Rev. Timothy Troxler
  • Phil Moffa
    S550 Chords
  • Eleventeen Eston
    Pale Geranium Lake
  • Ziad Rahbani
    Abu Ali
  • John Carpenter
    They Live Preacher Speech
  • Pink Floyd
    Us And Them
  • Fist Of Facts
    First Strike
  • Sequencer People
    Somebody Different
  • PIL
    Go Back
  • Dominatrix
    The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Dominatrix 12" Mix)
  • Unknown Artist
  • Jeff Bridges
    See You At The Dreaming Tree

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