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Whos That Girl? w/ Leyla Pillai - SUTRA SATURATION

London, 27.05.19

From spectral soul soundscapes to artists' aural portraits, metaphoric sonic spoken voyages and always everything of the space between, each show is a radio art transmission inspired by all those deeper fe/male im_pulses that poetically beat from an Other(s) side of a different drum.

Rebels of The Neon God, Lost In Translation-Transmissions, Crystals and the Crack-Contagion Crisis, Bath-Bomb(s)hells, Video Arcade Game Cyber Call-Girls, Love on an A.I Wire, From The Temple To The Shopping Mall / Hyper-Market, Becoming Robot.

Language Is still A Virus. Electric Flesh-Flow.



  • Toshimaru Nakamura
    ReVerbed NIMB #52 & #53
  • Janek Schaefer 
    Beam Me Up
  • Orphan Fairytale 
    Abracadabra (20:05)
  • Huang Shu-Jun
    Rebels Of The Neon God Theme
  • James Ferraro 
    Market Collapse
  • Lord Tusk
    Night Breeze
  • Frank Ocean
    Pyramids Excerpt
  • Janek Schaefer 
  • James Ferraro
  • We Will Fail 
    No Eye To Follow
  • Sun Runners 女神の恋人達 
    Divine (Interlude)
  • Panoram
    A Doom With A View (Side A Mash Up)
  • Robert Ashley
    Foreign Experiences Act IV (Eagle Tearing Hearts Out Of Chests) Excerpt
  • Monopoly Child Star Searchers 
    The Canal Of A Bogonia's Oracle
  • Kink Gong
    Dian Long Soundscape China 1&2 Mash Up
  • Maryn E. Coote
    Still Talking To My Lil' Boy Uku
  • Suzanne Kraft 
    Scripted Space
  • Robert Æolus Myers 
    High Priestess
  • Ueno Takashi
    Smoke Under The Water #7
  • Panoram
    A Doom With A View (Side B Mash Up)
  • Sun Ra 
    Media Dreams
  • Maryn E. Coote 
    Missing A Lot The Way We Talked Uku
  • Dazion 
    Dancing In The Future (Instrumental)