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Sarah Squirm

New York, 13.06.23

Freakshow sounds, movie segments, prank calls and more from the comedian and SNL cast member Sarah Squirm.


  • Elvira Mistress Of The Dark
    Fright Sound Tape
  • Severed Heads 
    Dead Eyes Opened
  • Dr. Demento, Uncle Floyd 
    Dr. Demento Show Outro
  • Barnes & Barnes 
    Fish Heads
  • The Residents 
    Don't Be Cruel
  • (11:37) Judy Tenuta
    My Dad Song
  • (13:46) Psychic TV
    Meet Every Situation Head On (Noise & Mista Luv Mix)
  • (19:06) Sandra Bernhard
    Phone Sex (Do You Want Me Tonight)
  • Longmont Potion Castle 
  • DAZE
    Crystal Cave Meditation
  • Iasos 
    Crystal Petals
  • Fire-Toolz 
    She Was Me, My Name Was Surrounded
  • The Weather Channel
    Local Forecast Playback- April 1996
  • Keith Fullerton Whitman
    Playthroughs + Edwin L. Baron
  • Bob Griswold
    Stop Smoking (The Love Tapes)
  • John Carpenter 
    The Fog (Main Theme)
  • Alvin Schwartz
    In A Dark
  • Caroliner Rainbow Stewed Angel Skins 
    Corn Red Moon
  • Shelley Duvall 
    Hey Little One