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John Maus

Minnesota, 09.04.24

With John Maus

Minnesota's king of melancholic pop John Maus turns the mood tap on for an intricate hour of amateur music recordings, obscure video game soundtracks, rips of YouTube ephemera and more.


  • Protos 
    The Fugitive
  • Ashra 
    Deep Distance
  • Sensations' Fix 
    Fragments Of Light
  • Chrome 
    All Data Lost
  • Chrome 
    Chromosome Damage
  • Geoff Follin
    Spot, 1990, [Remix By John Maus], VGM
  • Rob Hubbard 
    Ski Or Die
  • Hiroshi Kawaguchi & The SST Band
    After Burner, 1987, VGM
  • Tangerine Dream 
  • Alan Silvestri 
    Robot Romp
  • David Kitay & Charles Valentino & Stephanie Tyreli
    Trapped In My Mind, Flight Of The Navigator, 1986 [Clip]
  • Basil Poledouris
    Cherry 2000 [OST], Suite From Cherry 2000, Varèse Sarabande, 1989 [Clip]
  • Jerold Immel
    Main Titles, Mega Force [OST], BSK Records, 1982 [Clip]
  • Simon Park 
  • Construx
    Fisher-Price, 1986 [Remix By John Maus], TV Ad
  • Streetmachine
    Murray, 1986 [Remix By John Maus], TV Ad
  • Alain Chauffour
    Les Maîtres De L’Univers, AB Productions, 1984 [Clip]
  • Patrick McBride, Dana Walden 
    The Chase
  • Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. & Janice Karman
    Heaven Is A Place On Earth, The Chipmunks And The Chipettes: Born To Rock, Quality Records, 1988 [Clip]
  • The Space Lady 
    Major Tom
  • Johnny Frierson
    Have You Been Good To Yourself, Have You Been Good To Yourself, Light In The Attic, 2016 [Track]
  • Superstar & Star 
    No More Sorrow
  • John Farnham 
    Innocent Hearts
  • Brahms, Glenn Gould 
    4 Ballades, Op. 10
  • Division Avenue High School
    The West Side Story By Leonard Bernstein, Jet Song [Clip]
  • Bamberg Symphony Orchestra Conducted By Alfredo Antonini
    Triptych By Alan Hovahness, Hovhaness: Triptych, The Holy City, Meditation On Orpheus / Cowell: Music, 1957, Synchrony, Citadel, 1997 [Clip]
  • Händel, Lootens, Invernizzi, Cecchi-Fedi, Banditelli, Schofrin, Beasley, Abete, Zanasi, Coro Della Radio Svizzera, Ensemble Vanitas, Diego Fasolis 
  • Abbey Of Fontenay
    “Christ Est Vivant, Il Regne A Jamais” By Andre Gouzes [Clip]
  • Amarcord 
    The Lamb
  • Josquin Desprez, The Hilliard Ensemble 
    Tu Solus Qui Facis Mirabilia
  • Choir Of Monks Of The Abbey Of Fontgombault
    Alleluia “Pasc