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High Noon w/ Dina J & Jane Weaver

Los Angeles, 04.08.17

With Jane Weaver

Dina Juntila aka Dina J is a Los Angeles based DJ. record collector and music supervisor. "High Noon" is a seated round about of sounds with the idea that the mix is its own OST for some unknown film. Each month features a special guest with a similar sickness.

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  • Marc Chantereau & Pierre
    Alain Dahan
  • Daniela Davoli
    Guerriero Di Una Notte
  • Rendez
  • Scott Fraser
    The Cool Shades
  • Jane Weaver
    The Lightning Back
  • Guy Boyer & Guy Pedersen
    Courant Ascentionnel
  • P.P. Arnold
    Angel Of The Morning
  • Sammy Davis Jr.
    Not For Me
  • Billy Green
    Amanda (Stone OST)
  • Chet Baker
    A Taste Of Honey
  • Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour
    Strange Valley
  • Delia Gonzalez
    In Through The Light
  • Andréa Daltro ‎
  • Arbete Och Fritid
  • Kenso
    Naibu E No Tsukikage
  • Angelo Badalamenti
    Heart Breaking
  • Jeanne Moreau
    Jules Et Jim Le Tourbillion
  • Paris 1971
    Suzanne Ciani (U.S.
  • Fluid
    Twink (U.K.
  • Opa Loka
    Hawkwind (U.K.
  • St Elmos Fire
    Uilab (U.K./U.S.
  • Law Saalok
    Warda Al Jazaria (Egypt
  • I’m 28
    Toni Basil (U.S.
  • Aquatic Babicka
    Liska (Mala Morska Vila OST) (Czech
  • The Kiss (Aura Resurrects Flash)
    Queen (Flash Gordon OST) (U.K.
  • Faik Wala Nassi
    Fairouz (Egypt
  • Song For John
    Yoko Ono (U.K.
  • Parade Of Blood Red Sorrows
    Jane Weaver (U.K.
  • Grahams Theme
    Michel Rubini (Manhunter OST) (U.S.
  • Obscured By Clouds
    Pink Floyd (U.K.
  • Orlando
    Exploded View (U.S.
  • Bamboo Houses
    Sylvian / Sakamoto (U.K.
  • Emma
    Hot Chocolate (U.K.
  • Kawasaki
    Jane Birkin (France
  • When We Fall
    Beak (U.K.
  • Except You
    Najat (Egypt