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Bo Ningen w/ Chris Vaughan (33-33)

London, 12.05.20

With Bo Ningen

Founded in 2016, 33-33 is a record label and events producer creating exploratory music and arts events in unique spaces around the globe. Recent programming includes the MODE festival, an annual series of artist-curated sonic and interdisciplinary events in extraordinary spaces – curated by RYUICHI SAKAMOTO in 2018 and LAUREL HALO in 2019


  • Scha Dara Parr
    Summer Jam 95
  • A Tribe Called Quest 
    Bonita Applebum
  • Merzbow 
    Shadow Barbarian (Long Mix)
  • Surly 
    4Q 510-511
  • Kiseki
    Journey Express
  • JAB 
    Save Room 6
  • Keiji Haino And Charles Hayward
    Track 10
  • The Clandestine Quartet 
    Wrong Church
  • Talkbox
    Talkbox (Unreleased)
  • Kirk Barley 
  • Amosphere
    Excerpt (Unreleased)
    Excerpt (Unreleased)
  • Moonbow
    Might Makes Right (Unreleased)