Bo Ningen - Halloween Special

London, 30.10.18

With Bo Ningen

The London-based Japanese psychedelic outfit Bo Ningen take over the NTS airwaves…


  • K.K.
    Waratte Iitomo
  • Jin Dogg
    Cluster Amaryllis
  • Taigen Kawabe
    Ganjya Muffin (Exclusive Halloween NTS Mix)
  • Unknown
    Kinda Ichi Syonen VS Oisinbo Breakcore 97's Mix
  • Taigen Kawabe
    Sauna Mizuburo (Rough Mix)
  • 灰野敬二
  • Burzum
    Channeling The Power Of Souls Into A New God
  • The Caretaker
    Haunting Me
  • Toru Takemitsu
    Music From Rikyu
  • The True Mayhem
    Voice Of A Tortured Skull
  • Immortal
    The Sun No Longer Rises
  • Luna Sea
    In Future
  • Chrome Hoof
    Death Is Certain
  • Country Teasers
    Hairy Wine 2
  • Delia Derbyshire
    The Wizards Laboratory
  • Clint Mansell
    Arnold 2 (From Requiem For A Dream)
  • Denki Groove
    Loop Zombi

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