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Boris - Japan Crust Punk Special

Tokyo, 18.08.20

With Boris

Genre-shunning Tokyo experimental band Boris share some of their favourite music in a special NTS residency.

Their new album "Heavy Rocks 2022" is out now.

Collection: Damaged Goods


  • Confuse 
    Absolute Power Of Armaments Old Man
  • Gai 
  • Gloom 
    Morbid Education
  • Slight Slappers 
    Sono Kanashiki Hito
  • Bastard 
  • Bastard 
    Slick Plot
  • 愚鈍
    Nervous Hog
  • Gudon
    Omae No Koto Nado Shiran-
  • Outo 
    I Like Cola
  • Gastunk 
    The Birth Of Stars
  • Deadless Muss 
    Freedom & Rights
  • Systematic Death 
    Under Age
  • Anti Authorize
    The Darkest Storm
  • Judgement 
    Kick Them Over
  • Ego And Desire-
  • SDS 
    Never Arise
  • World 
    The Misery Is A Kind Of Interesting Things
  • Iconoclast 
    Killing The Human Race
  • C.F.D.L. 
    Song For Crusty
  • Rocky & The Sweden 
    Burning Again