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Braden Wells

New York, 17.03.21

Braden Wells brings a monthly selection of tunes ranging between new wave, minimal synth, industrial, electro and more from the ice-cold 80s and beyond.

Photo Credit: driven (1998) video still


  • Moral 
    Dance Of The Dolls
  • Död Mark 
    Psalm IV
  • Bing & Ruth 
    The Pressure Of This Water
  • Mica Levi feat. Brother May 
    Om Om Om Om
  • Soho Rezanejad 
    Half The Shore
  • Voldy Moyo
    You Know
  • Stano 
    Out Of The Dark, Into The Dawn
  • Torn Memory 
    Internal Display
  • Insides 
    The Softest Bonds Resist Resistance
  • Chris & Cosey 
    October (Love Song)
  • A Certain Ratio
    Knife Stills Water (7” Version)
  • Reymour 
    Au Rythme de l'Ennui
  • Sister Irene O’Connor
  • Stateless Sight 
    Cycles Of Hollow Joy (Geography Of Evil)
  • Bar Italia
    Kenzle Rose
  • Brainbombs 
    After Acid