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Braden Wells

Los Angeles, 18.03.20

Braden Wells brings a monthly selection of tunes ranging between new wave, minimal synth, industrial, electro and more from the ice-cold 80s and beyond.


  • Psychic TV
    Just Drifitng
  • A.C. Marias 
    Looks Like
  • Inrain 
    ...And Julie Rose
  • Love Sprials Downwards
    By Your Side
  • Björk 
  • Gregorio Paniagua, Lucia Bosé 
    Nana De Una Sola Nota
  • A.R. Kane 
    Baby Milk Snatcher
  • Turquoise Days 
    European Mind
  • Coldreams 
  • Choice 
    Always In Danger
  • Décima Víctima 
    La Voz Que Me Persigue
  • Duda Mata 
    Mundo Muerto
  • Orchestra Of The Eighth Day
    Dancing In The Wind
  • C. Memi
    Heavenly Peace