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The NCA Show w/ Brassfoot

London, 06.12.17

With Brassfoot

NCA is a London tape label specialising in experimental, techno and hip-hop, co-run by Brassfoot. Tune in to his monthly NCA Show for exclusives and jams from across the range - techno, house, hip-hop and more...

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  • Schoolboy Q
    Groovy Tony
  • The Alchemist
    The Essence (Ft. The Lox)
  • Ghostface
    Run (Ft. Jadakiss)
  • Tony Touch, Wu-Tang Clan
    Y’all Been Warned
  • Kool Keith
    MC Voltron
  • A$AP Rocky
    Keep It G (Feat. Chace Infinite & Spaceghost Purrp)
  • Shurik'n
  • Shyheim
    Don't Front / Let's Chill (Feat. Lamisha Grinstead & Keemeelah Williams)
  • Big Noyd
    I Don't Want To Love Again
  • Yabby You, The Prophets, Trinity
    King Pharaoh's Plague (Discomix)
  • Augustus Pablo
    Think Twice
  • Big Youth
    Half Ounce
  • Prince Lincoln
    San Salvador
  • Wailing Souls
    Bredda Gravalicious
  • Errol Dunkley
    A Little Way Different
  • Janet Kay
    Feel No Way
  • Carol Thompson
    Hopelessly Without You
  • Prodigy
    Trials Of Love (Ft. Ms Barz)
  • Cappadonna
    Young Hearts
  • Method Man
    I'll Be There For You (Ft. Mary J Blige)
  • Redman
    Da Ill Out
  • Slum Village
    Climax (Girl Shit)
  • Andre 3000
    Pink & Blue
  • Computer Jay
  • Beau Wanzer
    Dr. Dre's Smelly Feet
  • Mad Rey
    Travail De Porc
  • Anno Stamm
    Aqua / Lemon Peel / Violet
  • Lueke
    Tape 1.2
  • Ambivalent
    Chronos (Truncate Remix)
  • Omar-S
  • Aleqs Notal
    Clear Mind
  • Randomer
    Dem Thing
  • Leon Ware
    Nights In Brazil (Jazzanova Mix)
  • Raekwon
    North Star