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British Library Sound Archive: Music From Nepal

London, 22.03.23

Weaving a sonic impression of Nepal through its contemporary and traditional music. Many of the sound recordings are from the British Library Sound Archive collections and feature the music of indigenous ethnic groups such as Tharu (Terai, Southern Nepal), Sherpa (Eastern Nepal) and Limbus (Eastern Nepal).

These sit alongside recordings of the Damai and Gaines - two professional travelling musician castes from Central and Western Nepal. Also included in the mix are some of my favourite contemporary Nepali artists such as Jerusha Rai, Phatcowlee and Night alongside some of my own productions, featuring recordings of the sarangi instrument. Selection and mix by Rahul Giri, Resonations artist-in-residence during 2022. Resonations, an international and online artist residency programme led by the British Library and supported by the British Council.


  • Mrs P Bose
    Ghanse Geet (Recorded By Arnold Adriaan Bake)
  • Lurey Gandharva
    Jiune Rahara (Recorded By Dr. Carol Tingey)
  • Akal Bahadur Gandhrva
    Chautari Ma Hawa Sarara (Recorded By Sophie Laurent)
  • Lurey Gandharva, Gothe Gandharva, Harka Bhadur
    Paan Ko Paat (Recorded By Dr. Carol Tingey)
  • Pradesh Chaudhari
    Bhajaithi (Recorded By Sophie Laurent)
  • Pancai Baja Ensemble From Gorkha
    Untitled (Recorded By Dr. Carol Tingey)
  • Night
    Basai Bagayo
  • Phatcowlee
  • Jerusha Rai
  • Sulk Station 
  • Unnamed Limbu Singers
    Yasok Maila (Recorded By Guy Adams And Niel Nicholson)
  • Ang Gelu Sherpa
    Jimgang Ongmu Thupse (Recorded By Sophie Laurent)
  • Jersuha Rai
    Sunsaan 1
  • Sulk Station
    Aur Nahi
  • Tharu Girls From Chitwan, Nepal
    Untitled (Recorded By Guy Adams And Niel Nicholson)
  • Rahul Giri
  • Rahul Giri
  • Rahul Giri
    Truth Or Tame
  • Unnamed Performers
    Ramkali (Recorded By Arnold Adriaan Bake)
  • Rahul Giri
  • Rahul Giri
    New Frontier