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bubble gum violence presents: “music 2 cry 2” w/ peake

London, 29.01.22

With Katie Vick

Katie Vick presents Bubble Gum Violence.


  • Peake
    Never Love Me
  • Moldy Peaches
    Nothing Came Out
  • Yuck 
    Shook Down
  • Terremoto 
    Blue Houses
  • Peake
  • Brian Eno 
    By This River
  • Pierce The Veil 
    Stay Away From My Friends
  • Divided By Friday
    So Long Utah
  • Dear Whoever
    Tears Of Ashes
  • Heart Broke And Horny
  • Forever The Sickest Kids
    All For Angela
  • Crimson Chaos
    Perfect Catharsis
  • Kye Kye 
  • Cath Bloom
    Come Here (Peake Cofer)
  • Moldy Peaches
    Anyone Else But You
  • Handshake And Highfives
  • Frou Frou (Jean Marie Moens, Jimmy Nazim, Luke Mourinet, Ruff & Jam mix) 
    It's Good To Be In Love (Ruff And Jam Club Mix - Extended)
  • The Beach Boys 
    Tears In The Morning
  • Lil Kee
    Hear Me Out
  • Alesana 
    Not A Single Word About This
  • A Vain Attempt
    I Can’t Escape
  • Lil Skil X YungJZAisDead
    Bedroom Walls
  • All American Rejects
    Matters Of The Heart
  • My Chemical Romance 
    The World Is Ugly
  • Buckethead