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Bubbles w/ Méz

Los Angeles, 29.07.19

A monthly broadcast from LA’s filter bubble-bursting party collective featuring conversations and selections from Bubbles’ guest performers and resident DJs Buckmonster, Water Sports, and Kevin McGarry.


  • Fresh And Low 
    New Life
  • Politics Of Dancing, Franck Roger 
    Politics Of Dancing X Franck Roger
  • Simon Garcia 
    Raw War
  • ANOTR 
    Love Can Do (Extended Mix)
  • Franky Rizardo 
  • Harrison Bdp
    Small Talk
  • Cinthie 
  • Richy Ahmed
    Jammin' (Josh Butler Remix)
  • Austin Ato 
  • Mambo Brothers
    Optimo (Leftwing : Kody Remix)
  • Archie Hamilton, Benson Herbert
    Swerve (Original Mix)
  • Jaime Xx, Four Tet
    Seesaw (Club Mix)