Los Angeles, 09.04.18

A monthly broadcast from LA’s filter bubble-bursting party collective featuring conversations and selections from Bubbles’ guest performers and resident DJs Buckmonster, Water Sports, and Kevin McGarry.


  • Barry White
    Put Me In Your Mix
  • NxWorries Feat. Anderson.Paak
  • Saweetie
    ICY GRL (Original Version)
  • Johnny "Hammond" Smith
    Los Conquistadores Chocolates
  • Peggy GOU
    Han Jan
    I Am Electro
  • Jensen Interceptor
    Carter's Green Factory
  • System F
    Cry (Original Extended)
  • Carl Cox, Christian Smith
    Dirty Bass (Carl Cox Original Mix)
  • Clairo (Danny Harlecore Remix)
    Blue Angel
  • Girls Night Out
    Rain Is Slow
  • Mobilegirl
    Yellow (Mecatok Remix)
  • StarGate
    Wicked Game (Ash & Grey Edit)
  • Open Your Mind
    Neutron 9000
  • Hilary Duff
    Come Clean (Remix 2005)
  • Hyacinthe
    Sur Ma Vie
  • Ultrabeat
    Pretty Green Eyes (Radio Edit)
  • Mike Posner
    Be As You Are
  • Roter Punkt
    Perfect (Cosmic Baby Remix)
  • Embaci
    Girl In A Rut

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