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Bullion - Hula Recurring

London, 02.04.20

With Bullion

DEEK Recordings head Bullion on the digital airwaves. New and old - pop, not slop.

Collection: Safe For Work


  • Bullion
    Hula 061016 / 020317
  • Ozric Tentacles 
  • The Magnetic Fields 
    The Dreaming Moon
  • Moving Hearts
    Take A Chance Edit
  • Chico Buarque
    Samba E Amore
  • Dissidenten 
    At The Pyramids
  • Bullion
    Hula 080317
  • Bullion
    Hula 161117
  • Pink Industry 
    Send Them Away
  • Mark Renner 
    Half A Heart
  • Arthur Russell 
    I Still Love You
  • Peter Jeffries
    Image Of A Single Thought
  • Rod Eather 
    Call Of The Conservationist
  • Scribble 
    Mother Of Pearl
  • Westerman 
    Blue Comanche