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Bumpin' On Sunset

Los Angeles, 12.07.19

Bumpin' on Sunset - the home of LA's smoothest soft rock and jazz fusion…it's drive time, baby, play it loud!


  • João Donato 
    Lost Hope
  • Elventeen Estom
    C In Sympathy
  • Allah La's
    Blueberry Jam
  • Walter Wanderley Set 
  • Azymuth 
    Issa É Partido Alto
  • Marc Jordan 
    Lost Because You Can't Be Found
  • Inner Tube 
    Coach Doames
  • Marcos Valle 
    Nao Pode Ser Qualquer Mulher
  • Dominique Dumonn
    Le Soleol Dans Le Monde
  • Joan Biboloni
    Easy Walk
  • Alexis Greogropoulos & Jefe Cantu-Ledesma
  • Cerrone 
    Time For Love
  • The Moments 
    To You With Love
  • The Wailers 
  • Antonio Carlos Jobim 
  • Henry Mancini 
    Watch what happens