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Carla Dal Forno

London, 12.05.20

With Carla dal Forno

The Blackest Ever Black released singer-songwriter Carla Dal Forno stops by NTS' London studio once a month for an hour-long show featuring original productions side by side with old favourites and inspirations ranging from minimal synth to folk and dream pop…


  • Mark
  • Loopsel 
    Det som blir
  • Alex Macfarlane 
    Burden Of Boundary
  • Vic Mars 
    Wall Of Ivy
  • Ignatz
    You Can’t See Me
  • Brainman 
    In The Half-Between World
  • Mark
  • Zoe Naylor 
    Nettle (Urtica Dioica)
  • Lautari 
    Idę Do Domu, Do Domu
  • Annelies Monser
    Your Future Was Planned
  • Mar-Ilena
  • John Brooks
    Pond I
  • Joe Duddell 
    Oregano (Origanum Vulgare)
  • Atem Ten Too 
    Jungle Dream
  • Broadcast 
  • The Doozer 
    Cricketing Men
  • Naked Spots Dance 
    Governed By You
  • Kitchen’s Floor
    Bitter Defeat
  • Stefen Christian
    In My City
  • Heavy Metal
    WORT AB !