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Carolina Soul - Psych Out

North Carolina, 15.10.21

Carolina Soul is a record seller based in Durham, NC, USA. They specialize in rare and classic soul, boogie, gospel and modern obscure tracks from the Carolinas and beyond, mixed with all-time bangers and ballads.


  • Davie Allan And The Arrows 
    Shape Of Things To Come
  • Round Robin 
    I'm The Wolf Man
  • Pincher Martin 
    Magic On Me
  • Rick Zizak 
    Be Ware
  • Society's Children 
    Mister Genie Man
  • Sonaura 
    Song Of Sauron
  • Livin Ennd 
    Come To Me
  • Link Wray & The Wraymen 
  • The Pagans 
    Six And Change
  • Tav Falco & The Panther Burns 
    Dateless Night
  • Unknown
  • Bojax
    Go Ahead And Go
  • Missing Lynx
    Behind Locked Doors
  • Lothar And The Hand People 
  • Sounds Like Us
    Clock On The Wall
  • Fruit Of The Loom
    One Hand In The Darkness
  • The Human Expression 
    Optical Sound
  • Sincerely Mindfield
    I've Gotta Get
  • E. G. B. 
    New Horizons
  • Gary & Ray 
  • The Riders Of The Mark 
    The Electronic Insides and Metal Complexion That Make Up Herr Doktor Krieg
  • Ronnie James Reincarnation
    Is This The Only Life
  • Dick Ryan 
    Once, A Million Times
  • Peter Pan & The Good Fairies 
  • Action Unlimited 
    My Heart Cries Out
  • Astros
    Space Walk
  • Count Five 
    Revelation In Slow Motion
  • Crystal Rain 
    You & Me
  • Ghosters
    Drums, And Then Some
  • Pressler-Morgan
    You're Gonna Watch Me
  • Michael Sheets
  • Hi-Lites
    Direction Unknown
  • D. Spade & Co. 
    Just You And I
  • Ronnie & The Danes
    Love Song
  • Yorkshire Puddin
    Ain't Gonna Love Ya No More
  • Roger Copelin
    New Theme From The Exorcists
  • Mysterians
    Good Bye Baby
  • Madlads
    When Hope Is Gone
  • The Unrelated Segments 
    Where You Gonna Go?
  • Galaxies IV
    Don't Lose Your Mind
  • Spontaneous Generation 
    Purple, Purple
  • The Sunrise 
    Fire Climbs
  • The Human Expression 
    Calm Me Down
  • The Soundz
    Freak Out Pt. 1