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Carolina Soul - Ohio Soul Special

North Carolina, 17.09.21

Carolina Soul is a record seller based in Durham, NC, USA. They specialize in rare and classic soul, boogie, gospel and modern obscure tracks from the Carolinas and beyond, mixed with all-time bangers and ballads.


  • Baunchi & The Funky Kidds
    Good Morning Love
  • Soul Superbs
  • Inter Circle
    The Players
  • Inter Circle
    The Pusher
  • Rotations 
    Searching In Vain
  • Chuck & The Tremblers
  • Hesitations
    Is This The Way To Treat A Girl
  • Verna & Rob 
    I'm In Love With You
  • Bobby Wade 
    Can't You Hear Me Calling
  • Four Mints 
    Can't Get Strung Out
  • Four Mints 
    Row My Boat
  • Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr 
    You Can't Blame Me
  • Jus' Us 
    Just Us Together
  • Elements 
    Hey Lady
  • Elements
    Just To Be With You
  • O'Jays
    Now He's Home
  • The Imperial Wonders 
    Trying To Get To You
  • Rotations 
    I Can't Find Her
  • Jesse Fisher 
    You`re Not Loving A Beginner
  • Gene Allison 
    Why Did You Have To Go
  • Harmonics
    Scum-A-Doom Doom
  • Inner Circles
  • Inner Circles
    Mirror Mirror.Mp3
  • Elements
    When I Fall In Love Again
  • Elements
    I'll Remember You
  • Praytells
    The Magician
  • Praytells
  • Foreign Blue Renaisance 
    Oh, Yes I Do
  • Four Wonders 
    Just Looking For My Love
  • "UNIQUE" 
    Here We Go Again
  • Cania 
  • Dick Blake 
    Cleveland Glide
  • Birdman & Pace
    Nobody Wants You When You're Down And Out
  • Los Nombres 
    Loving You
  • Soul Superbs
    Just Ask Me
  • Ice-Cold-Love 
    Wonderful To Be Loved