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CDR Audio Show w/ Warren Xcince

London, 31.10.13

From the initial inspiration and early demo, right through to polished master, Tony Nwachukwu's CDR AUDIO show celebrates the creative journey of tracks-in-the-making with the help of special guests from the CDR community and beyond.


  • Belle
    We Once Were
  • Wasserfall 
    Will Stay (Asleep)
  • Thorsteinssøn 
    Don't They Know Part 1
  • Maribou State 
    Moon Circles
  • Tropos
  • Afrobuddha 
    Zone (Drum Mix)
  • The Whole Truth, Errol Bellot 
    Gimme Your Love
  • Check The Guns 
    Pass The Music On (The Dr Edit)
  • John Wizards 
    Finally/Jet Up
  • Warren XCLNCE
    Guest Mix
  • Warren XCLNCE
    Examine Me Ft. Etta Bond
  • Warren XCLNCE
    The Conscience (Ft Ego Ella May)
  • Kae
    Spark (Mr Bibal Remix)
  • Warren Xclnce™ 
  • Scherbe (Glenn Astro mix) 
    Me And My Mouse (Glenn Astro Remix)
  • Pepe Bradlock
    Deep Burnt
  • Ethyl And Flori
    Malmo (Original Mix)
  • Romanthony (Andrés mix) 
    Ministry Of Love (Andrés Remix)
  • MFSB 
    Love Is The Message
  • Lone 
    Airglow Fires
  • Mount Kimbie feat. King Krule 
    You Took Your Time
  • Freestyle Orchestra 
  • Ghostpoet
    Meltdown (Joel H Remix)
  • Phrij
    " Back With You"
  • Cid Rim 
  • Palace