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Channeling w/ Ivan Smagghe & Nathan Gregory Wilkins

London, 10.10.23

With Ivan Smagghe

Old friends and hapless mavericks Ivan Smagghe and Nathan Gregory Wilkins present a fortnightly window into their ramshackle musical world. A show with absolutely no rules (as they'd only break them). We love the unmixable, old & new. We are oddballs and we love you.


  • Yara Asmar
    Objects Lost In Drawers
  • Church Chords
    Sweet Magnet
  • Len Udow 
    Beauty Raise The Tree
  • Rubba 
    Way Star
  • Sylvester
    Stormy Weather
  • Foot & Mouth
    I Want My Mummy
  • Abracadabra 
    Tracing Outlines
  • Zongamin
  • Jasaro People 
  • XIII
    Harmuth (Feat. Hans Harsen)
  • China Crisis 
    Jean Walks In Freshfields
  • Kendall Timmons
    Fred’s Dystopia
  • MD Pallavi, Andi Otto 
    Song for Broken Ships
  • Ricardo Villalobos X A Mountain Of One
    Make My Love Grow (RV Mixdown)
  • Mildlife 
    Return To Centaurus (Lovefingers Bathhouse Odyssey)
  • Le Carousel 
    The Good Times
  • Shakkatam 
  • Tonito Yama feat. Lou 
    Les Sillons Des Vallons
  • Sexy Merlin 
  • Paul Blackford 
  • Luke Vibert 
    Machine Funk
  • Paul Blackford 
  • The Rootsman 
    Mother Of Nature
  • Conscious Sounds
    Millitant Dub 2
  • A.S.O
    Falling Under (Cousin Dive Dub)
  • Lakutis
    Death Shark (Dreems Edit)
  • Andie Oppenheimer 
    Behind The Shades
  • Suzanne Menzel 
    Goodbyes And Beginnings
  • Cookie
    On My Knees