Live now

The NTS Breakfast Show w/ Flo & DJ Sotofett

London, 24.07.23

With Flo Dill, DJ Sotofett

Breakfast, in Flo motion - served by Flo Dill, every Monday to Wednesday.


  • --:--
    Bourbonese Qualk 
  • 0:02:10
    In The Flight
  • 0:08:00
    Soft Location 
    Let The Moon Get Into It
  • A.C. Marias 
    Just Talk
  • Rain Dogs 
    Perilous Woman
  • Seefeel 
    Filter Dub
  • The Raincoats 
    No Ones Little Girl
  • China Crisis 
    Feel To Be Driven Away
  • Phil Collins 
    I Missed Again
  • Bourbonese Qualk 
  • Al Campbell 
    Gee Baby
  • Little Annie 
    I Think Of You
  • Ekowmania
    Kwamen Krumah (DJ Sotfett’s Choir Mix)
  • Steven Reynolds
    Good Vibes (Dub)
  • LNS 
  • King Tubby 
    Rockers Style Dubplate
  • DJ Sotofett
    Take Me To A Silent Place (Interlude)
  • Mystica Tribe (DJ Sotofett mix) 
    DJ Sotofett's Dub Lawn Dub
  • Dopplereffekt 
  • Urban Species feat. Imogen Heap 
    Predictably Unpredictable
  • Kindered The Family Soul
    Rhythm Of Life (King Britts Radio Edit)
  • Michael Rose 
    World Crisis
  • DJ Sotofett
    Transmission Damaged
  • Ekowmania
    Unreleased (DJ Sotofett Mix)
  • DJ Sotofett
    Back 2 Life
  • Feater Feat. Vilja Larjosto
    Time Million (Blood Shanti Main Mix)