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Channeling w/ Ivan Smagghe & Nathan Gregory Wilkins

London, 19.12.23

With Ivan Smagghe

Old friends and hapless mavericks Ivan Smagghe and Nathan Gregory Wilkins present a fortnightly window into their ramshackle musical world. A show with absolutely no rules (as they'd only break them). We love the unmixable, old & new. We are oddballs and we love you.


  • 0:00:51
    Niecy Blues 
    U Care
  • 0:06:50
  • 0:11:20
    Synthesizer Orchestra (Synthesizer Orchestra mix) 
  • Flaming Tunes 
    Generous Moon
  • Cosmo Vitelli & Die Wilde Jagd
  • White Canyon & The 5th Dimension
    Spectral Illusion
  • Being 
    The Wheels
  • Froid Dub 
  • Shelter
    In C 1
  • Gachel Lustwerk
    Oh Liberty! (33rpm)
  • DJ Q 
    Going Forward In Reverse
  • DJ Armok 
    Chrome Tone Tribute
  • Sira
    Cosmic Shebeen
  • Guerilla Warfare
    Thought Breeds Fear
  • Yaniel
    Beautifully Broken
  • Francoise Cactus
    You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory
  • Payfone 
    Put Your Face Away
  • Junto Club
    Sand Worm
  • Little Annie Meats Night Found
    Secret Track
  • John Paul Young 
    The Boulevards Of Hope
  • Unknown Artist
    La Solitude (Nomenklatur Edit)
  • Perspex
    They Keep Dancing (Nuvo Mix)
  • Rubio
    Hunny Bath
  • Naked Beast 
    The Girl From Somewhere