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Coby Sey w/ Andrea Zarza Canova for George Finlay Ramsay's 'Volcanoes & Regret'

London, 01.02.20

With Coby Sey

A special edition of Coby Sey’s show with a guest mix from Andrea Zarza, focusing on volcanism, eruptions & traditional beliefs to do with volcanoes, created for George Finlay Ramsay’s exhibition and project 'Volcanoes & Regret'.


  • Kelela, Asmara 
  • Chris Watson 
    Alcedo Volcano
  • Geir Jenssen 
    Stromboli Dub
  • Geir Jenssen 
  • 505 Digital Sound Effects
    Lava Bubbling
  • Men Of Gaulim (Led By Denison Waninara)
    Fire Dance
  • Halau Hula Ka No'eau (Hawai'i Arts Ensemble)
    Aia La O Pele (There Is Pele)
  • Hawaiian Dancers, Male Singer (Hawaiian Drama-Hula)
    Hawaiian Chants, Hula And Love Dance Songs (Recorded By Jacob Feurring And Tom Hiona, E Pele, Pele, Pele)
  • Hoakalei Kamau’u (Vocals), Pahu Kawaiokawaawaa Akim (Vocals)
    A Ko'olau Au 'ike I Ka Ua, Hawaiian Drum Dance Chants
  • Enrico Ascoli
    850m S.L.M., 98050 Stromboli ME, Italy, Stromboli Soft Eruptions (Radio Aporee, 25 September 2016)
  • Cándido Martínez
    Cuba, Ca. 1957: Rhythms And Songs For The Orishas (Recorded By Lydia Cabrera, Aganjú Sola)
  • Unknown Artist
  • Gas 
    Pop 3
  • The Bear
    Itelman Song (Collected By Tatiana Degai)
  • Księżyc 
  • D'Angelo