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Coil Radio w/ Murlo

London, 05.12.18

With Murlo

After a 3-year solo residency on NTS Radio, Manchester multidiscipinary artist Murlo presents Coil Radio – a new monthly show hosted by the Coil Records family. Coil Radio delves deep into the colourful Coil universe, covering everything from fresh UK club sounds through to cinematic soundscapes and more.

You can listen back to previous Murlo shows here


  • Faze. 1 
    Wanna Touch Me
  • Famous Eno
    Life (Feat Killa P/Trigganom/Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones)
  • Sunareht 
    Super Suna Odyssey
  • Industry Standard 
    Shine Bright In The Night (Original Mix)
  • Blasta & Steps
    Vybe (DJ Dappa Mix)
  • Coldpast
    COL Anthem
  • Dj Lag & Epic B
    Going Modd
  • Kelela (DJ Lag mix) 
    Onanon (DJ Lag_Onanon_127 BPM)
  • Circuit 900 (De Grandi mix) 
    De Novo (De Grandi Remix)
  • Morgan Hislop feat. Naina 
    My Shadow Is Always With Me (Sometimes Ahead, Sometimes Behind)
  • Movement
    The Burial
  • Ray Hurley 
    Oh My Boy Feat. MC Remedy
  • Finn 
    Do Good Boys Get The Fear?
  • Enigma Dubz 
    Hard To Smile
  • Kid D
    Summer Days
  • Shy One & Kwam
  • Sharda 
  • Murlo, S-Type
    Make Believe
  • Strict Face 
  • Grizzle