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Cola Boyy

Los Angeles, 03.10.18

With Cola Boyy

Oxnard, California’s multi-instrumentalist and singer Cola Boyy presents a melting pot of rock, soul and funk, every single month.


  • Ill Repute 
  • Inzom
    Blue Truth
  • Maria 
    Baby Honey
  • Stilo 
    Summertime In The 805
  • In Control 
    Two Towers
  • Loot Pack 
  • Sea Lions
    In My Eyes
  • Maddog Ft. Fingazz
    Keep Doin' What You're Doin'
  • Sin Quince
  • Retrospect
    Deep Seated
  • Kan Kick feat. Kombo, Wildchild 
    On The Look Out (Vocal)
  • Baby Lakra & MC Beasley
    Hard 2 Kill
  • Lalo Serratos
    Calles Del 805
  • GH
    The Clouds
  • Dysfunctional Chaos
    Who's Side Are You On
  • Cola Boyy 
    Buggy Tip
  • MED, Blu, Madlib feat. Oh No 
    The Turn Up
  • Nic Hessler 
    (Please) Don’t Break Me
  • Forlorn
  • Quasimoto 
  • Anderson .Paak 
    Put Me Thru
  • Elephant Mace
    Getting Us Sick
  • Sea Lions
    Can't Say No (Demo)
  • Nina Canela
  • Cosmic Santaciaus
    Holdin Down The Fort (In Ox)
  • Oh No 
    Last Tango In Oxnard