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Conor Thomas

Manchester, 02.06.18

Conor Thomas co-runs the Boomkat Editions and The Death Of Rave labels, as well as spinning records all over - including on NTS. Expect choice selections tending towards the grimmer and darker ends of modern electronic music's fringes…


  • Rian Treanor 
    Saturday Night
  • VengaBoys
    Up & Down (RKSS Remix)
  • Evol
    IDeal Acid AA
  • NYZ
    SHFTR CA#48
  • Teresa Winter
    Rave 025
  • Parrish Smith
    Saviour As The False
  • Croww
    An Autechre Total Freedom Situation
  • Black Mecha 
    C Cquared
  • Brendan Dougherty 
  • Robert Lippock
    All Objects Are Moving
  • Batu 
  • J. Albert 
    Money Between Friends
  • S.M. Nurse 
    Hot Day In Istanbul
  • Peder Mannerfelt 
    Shining Beacons Of Light
  • Para
  • Joe Coghill 
    Transit Valley
  • Oneohtrix Point Never 
  • Lorenzo Senni
    PointilisticT (Blastah Edit)
  • Vânia Bastos 
    Tabu (The sweetest taboo)
  • Xyn Cabal
    Forthcoming Rave
  • Elysia Crampton 
  • Gabber Eleganza 
    Total Football
  • co34pt 
    rave_draft (take 6)
  • Sully 
  • Nkisi 
    Violent Tendencies
  • Samuel Kerridge & Aaron Turner
  • Karim Maas (Huren mix) 
    Cassette A (Huren Remix)
  • Underworld
    Born Slippy (RKSS)