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Creep Zone w/ James Pants & Marc Schaller

New York, 22.03.21

With James Pants

Stones Throw's James Pants joins forces with Marc Schaller for an hour-long dive into dreamy electronics, wired sounds and experimentation.


  • Richard "Dimples" Fields 
    If It Ain't One Thing...It's Another
  • Dis 'N' Dat feat. 69 Boyz, Quad City DJ'S 
    Dis 'N' Dat
  • Abshalom 
    Said & Done
  • J.O.T. Aka Grande Gato & Ms. Crystal Aka Bonita Senorita
    Do The Chris Paul
  • Dolamite 
  • Ms. Tee
    You Ain't Right
  • Todd And Terry 
    Don't Fall
  • Curtis V
  • Kilo 
    Ghetto Drop
  • The Future M.C.'s 
    The Dark Side
  • Members Only Crew
    Rock Your Body
  • Lofty305
  • T.A.M.I.
    Tears And Rain
  • Nino Dvornik
    Biti Sam
  • Central Dynasty 
    Til Death Do Us Part
  • B.O.M. Ballers Ona Mission feat. Damon Williams 
    Times At There Hardest
  • Cream Dream Entertainment
    Eyes On The Prize
  • Big Heavy 
    9th Ward Hustle
  • 1 Gud Cide 
    Convictin It
  • Tim Smooth 
    Meet Me In Rubenstein