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Creep Zone w/ James Pants & Marc Schaller

New York, 14.08.17

With James Pants

Stones Throw's James Pants joins forces with Marc Schaller for an hour-long dive into dreamy electronics, wired sounds and experimentation.

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  • Fifty Foot Hose
    For Paula
  • The Hellers
    The Mist Of Time
  • The Glass Family
    Sometimes You Wander (Henry's Tune)
  • Del Shannon
    The Big Hurt
  • Lary Coryell
    Brain Sizzle
  • The National Gallery
    Pond With Swans
  • Truck
    Earth Song
  • Ramases
    Molecular Delusion
  • Strawberry Alarm Clock
    Sit With The Guru
  • Tomorrow
  • The Zodiac
    Aquarius - The Lover Of Life
  • Francois De Roubaix
    TeĢssier Astralement Votre
  • Saffron
    Vision Is A Lonely Word
  • Gandalf
    Hang On To A Dream
  • H.P. Lovecraft
    Nothing Boy
  • Groop Therapy
    Ronnie, Ronnie
  • United States Of America
    Cloud Song
  • Mort Garson
    Big Sur
  • The Fourth Way
    The Far Side Of The Moon
  • The Edwards Generation
    That's How Much I Love Her
  • Kha
    Ym - Georges
  • Chris Kachulis
    Look Into Your Love