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CTM X NTS Broadcast 3 - Powell & Bill Kouligas



We headed back to Berlin for another year of CTM, this time to check out the sixteenth edition. The music and visual arts event, formerly known as club transmediale, began with a focus on electronic music but has recently become known for bringing musicians from a wider field of genres onto an international stage. During the weeklong showcase CTM also hosts lectures, panel discussions, art installations and workshops, at venues across the German capital.

This year the festival’s lineup juxtaposed its more industrial and experimental leanings with club-oriented bookings, bringing acts like Prostitutes and Nissenenmondai into the same cultural arena as DJs and producers such as SOPHIE and Teki Latex. Throughout the week-long event we presented a series of broadcasts, each with special guest hosts, and also recorded a selection of performances.

Special thanks to all the staff at CTM and Where Is Jesus, to Tito Toblerone and to the Through My Speakers collective.

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  • M E S H - Infra-Dusk
  • Kaos 007 - On Acid (Instrumental)
  • Nhk Yx Koyxen - 8:45
  • Alien Rain - Alienated 4A
  • Kevin Saunderson - The Groove That Won't Stop