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Dactylian & Palo Santo Discos - Baile: funk from the hills

London, 29.08.20

Baile, or favela funk, developed as an evolution of the Miami Bass sound in Rio's favelas, before spreading with idiosyncratic styles across Brazil and gaining massive popularity. The past decades have seen it systematically repressed by the state and police apparatus, leaving a once thriving movement close to decadence.

This mix is a celebration of the baile scene, with music from artists such as DJR7, DJ Pedro and MC Kitinho, and incorporating clips from documentaries by BiXop, Leandro HBL and Diplo.

Picture: Desmounting the soundsystem "A Coisona" ("The Big Thing") after the Baile Funk on Sunday night at Club 18, in the borough of Olaria, by the entry of the Complexo do Alemão's favelas. Rio de Janeiro, 2009. @vincerosenblatt

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