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God's Waiting Room w/ David Holmes

Belfast, 21.10.19

With David Holmes

God's Waiting Room: a round-about selection of the cinematic, library music, rock 'n' roll, psych, experimental, unclassifiable and independent. From the mind of DJ, producer and creator of original soundtracks, David Holmes.


  • Antoine Argente
    Coquillage Argenté
  • Alexis Georgopoulos, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (Félicia Atkinson mix) 
    Cleo (Version By Felicia Atkinson)
  • Juan Ramos 
    Private Island, Little Prince
  • Nutia, Moyo 
    Ce Que
  • Pep Llopis 
    Muntanyes De Granit
  • Uku Kuut 
    Vision Of Estonia
  • Pasteur Lappé 
    As Far I Can Remember
  • Saint Petersburg Spin Disco Club
    Simple Customers
  • Unknown
  • May East 
  • Thunder Tillman 
    Condor Sunflower
  • Channel XXX
  • Thunder Tillman
    Creation Discoteque Original_Mix
  • Saint Petersburg Spin Disco Club
    Cant You See Me
  • Dominique Dumont
    L’esprit De L'escalier
  • Phillipi Rodrigo
  • Shari Vari 
    Out Of Order
  • Switchdance 
    Arabian Ride
  • Rick Cuevas 
    The Birds
  • Jerry Williams 
    This Song