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Day Dreamers Only w/ Kiera

Los Angeles, 03.05.24

DJ Kiera coming through with dreamy, breezy mix of soft rock, folk, vintage pop, & other delights.


  • 0:00:10
    Eric Serra 
    Learning Time
  • 0:04:20
    John Martyn 
    Small Hours
  • 0:13:00
    Arthur Russel
    Words Of Love
  • Steel Saddle
    Can't Be Satisfied
  • Fleetwood Mac 
    I Know I'm Not Wrong
  • Lou Reed, John Cale 
  • Henry Flynt 
  • Women 
    Everyone Is So In Love With You
  • Roedelius 
    Wenn Der Südwind Weht
  • Babyxsosa
    Like That
  • Tim Story 
    Alphonso's Mistake
  • Lou Reed 
    I Love You
  • Eric Serra
    Fancy Face
  • John Martyn
    Couldn't Love You More
  • Tim Story 
    In Another Country