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Ostend, 13.06.24

Ziggy Devriendt is the DJ behind Nosedrip. Tune in once a month for an expert selection of any or all of the following: new age, new wave, French psych, minimal synth, post-punk and a whole lot else…


  • 0:00:08
    Pascal Gaigne 
    Haurraren Hatsa I
  • 0:01:03
    Pablo's Eye
    Locked away
  • 0:04:40
    Nika Son 
    34°55’35.4”N 36°16’14.3”W
  • Arian Shafiee feat. Gabrielle Herbst 
  • Lara Sarkissian
    Flow Serene
  • Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide 
    Purely Confidential
  • Temir Alcy 
    Depth In Blu
  • Voice Actor / Squu
    Cut (1)
  • Tim Koh
    Today Only Happens Once
  • Orinoko 
    Liminal Spaces
  • Pascal Languirand 
  • Brigitte Fontaine Et Areski
    La Tête Bandée
  • Felix Jay 
  • Anton Friisgaard
    Gamelan Lamambetan
  • Modrá 
    Afternoon Ultramarine (Ta Naše Jediná A Nejlepší)
  • Sissi Rada 
    Delayed Mausoleum
  • Pascal Gaigne 
    Canto Spirales
  • Temir Alcy 
    O' Donna So
  • Annelies Monseré
    Dark Agens (Piano)
  • Voice Actor / Squu
    My Love
  • Pablo's Eye
  • timmi 
  • Vazz 
    Sequence Of Events
  • Oleksandr Demianenko 
    Segment 8
  • Nika Son 
    wildness of waves II
  • Airan Shafiee
    Victorian Timestamp
  • Modrá 
    Prague Blue
  • The Time Flies 
    The Ocean Entire
  • Bianca Scout 
    I Don't Sleep
  • Tim Koh
    Lemongrass Citronella
  • Jason Kolar
    Chrystal Dreams