Death is not the End - Music of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

London, 29.06.19

Death Is Not The End digs up the oldest of the old, serving up your gospel, blues and folk with a crackle. Hear the dust.


  • Seregelawocheh Ye Esat Nachew
    Mertnesh Mezmur
  • Adeneyn Kemote (Save Us From Our Death)
    Sosenna Gebre Yesus
  • Esma La'âlam. Defad
  • Anurognal Cherinetih
    Zemarit Mirtnesh Tilahun
  • Ergebe Na Wane (The Dove And The Pigeon)
    Tafese Tesfaye
  • Kirstos Samra
    Deacon Engidawork Bekelle)
  • Amanuel
    Diaqon Ezra
  • Hede Menino (Went To Hermitage)
    Seyoum Mengistu
  • Ye Berhaw Guzo
    Zerfe Kebede
  • Alem Marefia Na'at (The World Is But A Place Of Survival)
    Alemu Aga
  • Kidus Michael
    Zemarit Mirtnesh Tilahun
  • Semayi Na Meder (Heaven And Earth)
    Yetemwork Mulat
  • Yeneoh Kalkidan
    Zemarit Mirtnesh Tilahun
  • Anurognal Cherenetih
    Mirtnesh Tilahun
  • Nastemaselke (We Are All Mortals)
    Abiy Seyoum
  • Eyesus Kirstos Mogese
  • Yeante Sira
  • Aleresawum
    Zemari Muluken
  • Selasen Enteralen
    Zemarit Lemlem Kebede
  • Abba Gragn Mote
    Alemu Aga
  • Egziabhere Tamagn
    Zemari Ephrem Asefa
  • Tew Semagn Hagere
    Alemu Aga

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