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Death Is Not The End - Early Irish Instrumental Recordings Made in the USA, 1910-1940

London, 04.04.20

Death Is Not The End digs up the oldest of the old, serving up your gospel, blues and folk with a crackle. Hear the dust.

Collection: St Paddy's Day


  • James Morrison
    Dunmore Lassies
  • Tom Ennis 
    The Wexford Reel
  • Touhey
    Drowsy Maggie
  • Michael Carney 
    The Jolly Tinker
  • Michael Coleman 
    The Job Of Journeywork (1935)
  • Casbin
    Ginger's Favorite / The Bogs Of Allen
  • Packie Dolan, Michael Coleman 
    Medley: The Blackhaired Lass/The Dublin
  • "Irish Bill" Andrews 
    Ask My Father When He Came From Ireland
  • Peter J. Conlon
    Lord Mc Donald
  • Packie Dolan 
    (Hornpipe) The Grove Hornpipe
  • Doyle
    Let Mr Maguire Sit Down
  • Joe Flanagan
    Moving Bogs
  • Michael Gaffney 
    The Night Gap / The Mysteries Of Knock
  • Joe Flanagan
    On The Road To The Fair
  • Callahan
    Finnea Lassies / Curran's Castle
  • John Griffin
    The Real Montain Dew
  • Eleanor Kane 
    Medley: The Morning Dew/The Traveller's/Shark's Favourite
  • Paddy Killoran
    The Grease In The Bog
  • Mc Kenna
    Colonel Frazier
  • Maurice McSweeney
    Bank Of Ireland
  • Meehan
    Bridie Morley's
  • Patrick J. Patsy
    The Maid On The Green/Jackson's/A Drink Of Water (Jigs)
  • James Morrison, Tom Ennis 
    Reels: Farewell To Ireland - (Miss Monaghan)
  • Mullaly William J
    The Green Groves Of Erin
  • Mullaney
    The Chicago Reel
  • Murphy
    The Rakes Of Clonmel
  • Neil Nolan 
    Miller's Reel / Duffy The Dancer
  • Quinn
    Sailing Home
  • Ed Reevy 
    Tom Clarke's Fancy/The Boys At The Lough
  • Pat Roche 
    Boys Of Bluehill
  • Dan Sullivan 
    Nano's Favorites
  • Paddy Sweeney, Paddy Killoran 
    Ah Surely / The Steeplechase
  • Joseph Tansey 
    St. Patrick's Night / The Crusheen