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Feeding the Gentry w/ Use Knife - Radio Alhara

London, 29.11.23

Debt & Refuge plays Radio Alhara, standing with people of Palestine in the face of continual occupation, genocide and attack.

Feeding the Gentry - A monthly Radio show on Radio alHara by Belgian/Iraqi band Use Knife. Tune in every third Tuesday of the month to listen to music, sounds & realms that inspire us!

Artwork by Farah Fayyad

Collection: Palestine


  • Dirar Kalash
    موطني (صولو جيتار)
  • Mi-El
    From The River To The Sea
  • Liliane Chlela
    The Right To Offend Itself
  • ZULI
    Yabny Kfaya Ft. Dakn
  • Saint Abdullah 
  • Hiro Kone 
  • Oxhy Ft Nihal
    The Red Banner Is Raised
  • Xiu Xiu 
    I Swallow The Moon
  • Giovanni Napolano
    Fronne (LMdB Bootleg Live Cut)
  • dj sacom 
    Card Fan
  • Gavilán Rayna Russom
    Meditating On The Present
  • Joachim Nordwall
  • Maral
    Lorestan Punk
  • Use Knife
    Sowieso F***ed