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Night Shift w/ Diamondstein & Maral

Los Angeles, 06.08.19

With Diamondstein

Cold winds, empty street. Diamondstein presents Night Shift - ambient techno and moody experimental music for night time noir moments.


  • Jeff Mills 
    Control, Sattva And Rama
  • Distorted Earth
  • H A Z E
    Dial Up
  • Diamondstein 
    Since the Beginning
  • Gil 
  • David Lynch & Alan Splet
    Eraserhead Part Two
  • Unknown
  • Demdike Stare 
    New Fakes
  • Maral
    Wat’s Luv (Setar Edit)
  • Mukqs 
    Debug Dip Setting
  • Big Yawn 
  • Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement (Equiknoxx mix) 
    Equiknoxx Remix
  • Hayedeh
    Title Unknown
  • Diamondstein
    Russsian Chant (Diamondstein Edit)
  • Distorted Earth
    As The Sparks And The Flames Fly Upward
  • Animal Collective
    There’s An Arrow
  • Throbbing Gristle 
    Hamburger Lady
  • Crass 
    Nagasaki Nightmare
  • Boogieman
    Devils Mountain And Ngorongoro Crater
  • Ron Morelli 
    Stone Tools
  • Animal Collective 
  • Maral
    Mysteries Of Love (Vertigo Edit)
  • Silent Vigils 
  • Steve Moore 
    In The Shelter Of The Dunes
  • Emauz
    No Man's Land
  • Nico
    Saeta (7inch Version)
  • Maral
    Setar Shred (Repitch)
  • David Lynch 
    Walkin' On The Sky
  • Thoom
  • Rhythmic Theory 
    When Scanners Collide
  • Iku 
    Not You Me (feat. Ivy)
  • Ben Shemie 
    Arms Down
  • Maral
    Avesta Khani Reggaeton (Repitch)
  • In Silence We Pray
  • Rhyw 
    Triangle Escape
  • Pavel Chesnokov Da Ispraviza
    Blagovest (Diamondstein String Arrangement)