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DIRECTIONS w/ Lara Sarkissian

Oakland, 01.06.21

DIRECTIONS is a monthly transmission on NTS radio curated by 8ULENTINA & Lara Sarkissian. The show considers the way we move through space and time and all the ways we absorb sound. DIRECTIONS focuses on multiple orientations, and a wide range of geographies. Crossing over sonic boundaries, genres, and an intersection for past, present and future.


  • Kara-Lis Coverdale 
    Fantas Morbida
  • Bashar Suleiman
    T7KINI Feat. Olan Monk & Lil Asaf
  • Yussef Dayes
    Purple Skies ~ Libations
  • Hélène Vogelsinger 
  • IN-S
    À L'Indienne
  • NSG
    DRuNk GUiTaR
  • Patrick Belaga feat. Riley Watts 
    The Tunnel Is A Tower
  • Ramesh
  • XIII
    L_Abete Al Contrario 1
  • Tatoul Avoyan
    Molorvele Im Hogin
  • Haku Sungho 
  • A1-Pearls Remake Vocal Mix
    Ten Eight Seven Mastered
  • Moma Ready
    Saving Grace
  • Suzanne Ciani 
    The First Wave: Birth Of Venus
  • Olivia Rodrigo