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Discostan - Mujra Special

Los Angeles


"Mujra Hi Mujra", a playlist of modern mujra music curated by Pashtun-Punjabi filmmaker Saad Khan. Mujra emerged as an erotic dance performed for an audience in pre-colonial India. The women who perform mujra have constantly negotiated their space within institutionalized patriarchies  – be it that of the Mughals, the British, the state, or the middle and upper classes. Over the last two decades, a new form of commercial mujra has come out of the shadows and taken centre stage in Punjab, Pakistan. It has evolved into a hyper-sexualized form of dance to suit the demands of its new clientele – working class males. The lyrics of this new mujra music are laden with sexual innuendoes, and the women dancing on stage dominate the supposed sexual encounter being sung about. This is the music thumping in the dance halls of Lahore, Multan and Faisalabad.

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  • Naseebo Lal - Mera Piya Ghar Aaya
  • Noor Jehan - Ishq Di Tari
  • Naseebo Lal - Wey Gujjara Ve
  • Azra Jahan - Bali Jatti Eh Yaar Di
  • Naseebo Lal - Tak Ve
  • Naseebo Lal - Agga Lagiya
  • Naseebo Lal - Agg Notan Nu La De
  • Noor Jehan - Tere Naal
  • Naseebo Lal - Ve Teri Ki Majaal
  • Azra Jehan - Jadon Tak Notan Di Bahar
  • Naseebo Lal - Badlan Chu Wasiya Ve Kaniyan
  • Naseebo Lal - Agan La Kesanu Ishq Diyan
  • Naseebo Lal - Saun Da Mahina