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Los Angeles, 17.11.21

"From Kabul to your electronic device, this mix contains an assortment of recordings recorded in the Radio Kabul Studios from the 1970s to 1992. This was a time in which Radio Kabul started to experiment with various sounds. From traditional Mahali music to electronic keyboards and combo organs, this mix is a compilation of both traditional and experimental sounds. As you listen to this music, you will get the yearning feeling for this era of Afghanistan, a feeling many in Afghanistan and in the Afghan diaspora community feel even to this day. As you listen to this music, you will feel like you are traveling back in time to Kabul when it was the crossroads between West and East – when the Kochi nomads and their camels walked the same street as the European hippies, a time when Saddarjis would be in the money market exchanging different currencies while street vendors were selling BBQ Kabob. As the street vendors sold their goods, varying from dried fruits and vegetables to second hand clothes, they would have this music, which you are listening to, play from their loudspeakers. As you are transported in this market, hearing this music, just feel the emotions the music is trying to convey. This feeling of happiness, joy, optimism and yearning are all in the sound of the instruments and voices of the musicians. I hope you enjoy this mix and the sounds you hear." - Omid J.

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