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Discostan w/ Peter Doolan/Monrakplengthai

Los Angeles, 26.08.20

On today's Radio Discostan we present an hour of music from Bangkok's Arab-Malay scene assembled by Peter Doolan of Monrakplengthai. In these songs, we hear Thai pop/rock sounds layered among rhythms, melodies and textures from throughout the Muslim world. Influences from Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Lebanon, and India are all discernable in the mix.

Thai Arab-Malay acts had their heyday in the '70s and '80s entertaining cosmopolitan visitors from the ummah on "Soi Arab" (Sukhumvit Lane 3/1), and popular nightlife bands of the era have remained a staple at mosque fairs and other cultural events around the central provinces ever since.

The selections in this set are primarily digitized from cassettes that were for sale at Phrakhanong's Yanavy Tape & Video or from various second-hand vendors around the capital.Peter Doolan covers the world of Thai music on cassette at


  • Taofek Wangkasem
    Ya'at Lela
  • Mohamad Yamal Yusef & K.T. Band
    Sikron Ila
  • Narong Manmen
    Khruan Thueng Nang
  • Baby Arabia
  • Phitsamai Wongsalak & Ali Baba
    Buppha Rim Thang
  • K.T. Arabianstar
    Suasana Manusia [Modern Majrooj Version]
  • Zainab Bunmi, Ayoub Sohmilah & Aminah Bunmaloet
    Ya 'aziz
  • K.T. Arabianstar
    Suasana Manusia [Instrumental Version]
  • Sar & Starto
    Choe Kan Ko Hai Salaam
  • Sobah Wongmasoh & Kue Baby
    Khuda Gawah (Tu Mujhe Kabool)
  • Bashir Wongmasoh
    Siti Rohani
  • Taiyuddin Mohammad-Tohir
  • Jamilah Baby